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Уважаемые клиенты, просим обратить ваше внимание на то, что в феврале-марте офис компании по техническим причинам работать не будет. Разместить свои заказы вы всегда можете по телефону, электронной почте и Viber. О встрече, для подачи документов на апостиль, легализацию или для нотариального заверения, мы всегда можем договориться предварительно. Все наши контакты актуальны как и обязательства перед вами. Приносим свои извинения за временные неудобства. Благодарим за понимание.
Мы всегда будем рады вам помочь! С уважением, БП ТаТЦентр.

Translation agency


The best quality, standard prices.

  • for us all the orders are of VIP category.
  • our translators have higher professional, and many of them additional, education. That is why we provide qualified document translation of any theme.
  • we have broad staff of professional editors. Each translation is carefully checked, edited, and  polished twice by linguist and specialist in a certain field. 

We can cope with any translation tasks.

  • we work as with popular, as with rear foreign languages. We translate from 60 languages.
  • all the orders are performed by highly qualified specialists only, regardless the level of complicacy of the task.
  • our translators make qualitative translations of  technical, medical, financial, and judicial documents.
  • while translation we save stylistics of non-fiction works, business correspondence, and even humor – we have such translators and editors as well.
  • we manage specific orders: rhymed translation of poetry, SW legalization, translation and page proof of the books and magazines, adaptation of Internet sites.
  • documents, which you couldn't translate correctly with the help of other companies, we will perform quickly and properly.

Unique conditions for fulfillment of standard works.

  • we provide service of notary certification of translated documents, their legalization and getting of apostille – quickly, qualitatively and with special bonuses.
  • we know the peculiarities of official documents formation for different countries and guaranty competent order fulfillment.

Translation agency "Perspektiva" is
the most convenient cooperation without risk.

  • we work with all the cities and towns of Ukraine and with all countries around the world.
  • it is very easy to make an order: bring along your materials to office in the center of Kiev or send via e-mail.
  • we deliver ready translation by e-mail, courier through Kiev, any post services to any place on the globe.
  • every order is processed by a personal manager, who preliminary determines a price of an order and follows the accurate terms of fulfillment.
  • test translation of a small part of a document we will do for free.

Translation agency "Perspektiva" is services with no limits.

  • we provide highly qualified translators for abroad escort. Along with translation service you get professional guide and assistant.
  • we hire a translator who lives in a country of destination – it helps to earn significantly with a high quality of service.

Interpreting: the best service for important events.

  • we master the technologies of different types of translation: events, on-line conferences, telephone negotiations.
  • we provide training of our interpreter for your event – with the help of materials received from you.
  • interpreters that we provide have presentable appearance, literate speech, and perfect skills of communication in international negotiations. 

Consecutive or simultaneous translation – "on a turnkey basis".

Consecutive translation (reporter makes pauses for translation) is much easier than simultaneous one, which requires two simultaneous interpreters (to interchange every 15-20 minutes) and special equipment.
Translation agency "Perspektiva" will provide your event with technical equipment for simultaneous translation (sound booth, receive-transmit signal facilities, and headphones for all participants of the event).
Our high-qualified translators who master simultaneous translation and special knowledge in different fields – are the guaranty of your event's success.

We translate from/into:

English, Azerbaijani, Albanian, Arabic, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Vietnamese, Greek, Georgian, Danish, Hebrew, Spanish, Italian, Kazakh, Kirghiz, Chinese, Korean, Latin, Lettish, Lithuanian, Malaysian, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Persian (Farsi), Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, Slovak, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Finnish, French, Hindi, Croatian, Czech, Swedish, Esperanto etc.
  • We have a 20% discount for notary certification of more than 5 documents!
  • Every 5th standard* document is translated for free!**
Translation agency "Perspektiva" care about you and saves your time! We will send your documents via courier service – "Nova Poshta", "UkrPoshta" through Ukraine or taxi (through Kiev).
When making an order for more than 500UAH, delivery is completely FREE! When making an order for less than 500UAH, cost depends on a place of delivery.
But there is more to come! We want you to be always satisfied with our service, that is why from now, when making an order of a big volume, we make a FREE TEST TRANSLATION of a text fragment from/into English (no more than a half of translation page – 900 spaced characters).

We also offer:

  • Meeting of international partners at the airport.
  • Transfer.
  • Accommodation at the hotel.
  • City excursions on a foreign language.
To calculate cost and terms of translation, please, register yourself with the form of order calculation which you will find below!
Register for order calculationс
right now
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To attention of the customers:

When making an order of documents, it is necessary to provide correct spelling of the following:
  • personal data (surname, name, patronymic);
  • organization and enterprise data;
  • geographical names;
  • other proper names.
In case if you do not provide this information, translation will be made at the discretion of translator and your further remarks concerning proper names will be not considered. 
*standard document: passport, marriage, divorce, birth certificates, diploma (without supplement).
**offer is available for English, Russian, and Ukrainian.

Yours respectfully,
Administration of Translation agency

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