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Accredited translation in Kyiv

Accredited translation in Kyiv

Translation agency "Perspectiva" provides translation services produced by accredited translators at the embassies of certain countries, certified by an authorized officer of the consular department and by the seal of the consular institution.
Accredited translation is a form of documents legalization. Such translation can be performed by an embassy-authorized translator who has undergone accreditation procedure at the embassy of the host party and has the necessary document of specialized education confirming his/her qualification.
Accreditation of the translator at the embassy certifies his qualifications, knowledge of and compliance with legal and linguistic norms and standards existing in that country.
Not all countries’ embassies demand accredited translation. While submitting documents to consulates in Kyiv only two countries demand translations done by their accredited translators. Those are the consular agencies of Italy and Spain.

Performing an accredited translation of documents

1. It is necessary to put a stamp "Apostille" at the original document.
2. Perform an accredited written translation of a document certified by the translator's signature.
3. Apply the translated document to the embassy or consulate where it is certified by the seal and signature of authorized officer of the relevant embassy.
In such a way, the document receives the full legitimacy at all institutions of the country at embassy of which it was legalized.

It is used also the second way of performing
an accredited translation:

1. It is necessary to put a stamp "Apostille" at the original document.
2. Perform an accredited written translation of a document certified by the translator's signature.
3. Put the second stamp "Apostille" on the document with an accredited translation. At formalized in such a way documents stamps of the consular authority are not necessary.
Accredited translation made by either of these two methods is legally binding. You should ask at a particular embassy what kind of documents completion You need before preparing the documents under consideration.
Accredited translation is not required any more a notarization, it is immediately applied to the consular department of these embassies, ​​for implementation of test procedure of translation correctness and then the consular legalization.

Performing a translation by a sworn (court) translator.

Embassies of some countries in Ukraine are required to provide a translation that is made and certified by the sworn or court translator.
Sworn translator is a person entered in the National Register of Sworn Translators of the Ministry of Justice of the foreign country, and who has the right to translate official and other documents for supplying to public institutions and authorities. Documents translated by jury (court) translator, should not be stamped and will be accepted without further legalization in any official body of the country, which gave competence to the translator.
Nowadays the embassies of Poland, Germany, France and Czech Republic may request to provide such a translation for processing documents for these countries.. Translation agency "Perspectiva" will assist you in carrying out such type of translation.
In such a way, every embassy of foreign country at Ukraine has its own peculiarities in package of documents preparation and legal nuances. Specify in advance the required form of documents legalization in that embassy where you applying.
Make an order at translation agency "Perspectiva" on accredited translation and legalization of documents to the embassies of foreign countries, and you will receive a high quality service in the shortest possible time.