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Discovery of Documents


Useful and convenient - discovery of documents.

Translation agency "Perspectiva" provides services of replacement documents discovery in Kiev (and throughout Ukraine), as well as in Romania and Moldova. Addressing to the "Perspectiva", you can be sure that the discovery of birth or death, marriage or divorce, change of name or surname certificates, educational documents and other securities will pass conveniently, safely and without excessive stress for you.
Discovery of documents is taking out of the replacement original document or its duplicate in public institution that issued the document.
Typically, discovery of documents is necessary:                      
  •  if the original document is laminated, and it is impossible to affix the "apostille" stamp;
  • if the original is issued on the old-standard form, which is not recognized by the other country's authorities;
  • if it is necessary to affix the "apostille" stamp on a document with existing consular legalization;
  • if the document is lost or invalid;
  • if you want to submit a document with the latest date of issue.  
There is no single body that produces replacement documents in Ukraine. To discover the replacement document, you have to apply to the agency or organization that originally issued it.
Translation agency "Perspectiva" will discover your document from any public institution or organization:
- Civil Registry Office (birth and death certificate of marriage and divorce, change of name or surname certificates):
- courts (decision, order or ruling of the court, the court case materials, and other court documents);
- archives of the various departments;
- Ministries and the State Committees of Ukraine.
- educational institutions (leaving certificates, certificates, diplomas with supplements).
 For discovery of documents in TA "Perspectiva" the following is required:        
  • original of the document to be discovered or its copy (if a document is lost, notify its name, date and place of issue);
  • a copy of passport of the person to whom the document was issued;
  • notarized power of attorney for TA "Perspectiva" employee (it will be more convenient for you to formalize a power of attorney with our help).                                     download power form 
The most complete information received from you will speed up the procedure of your documents discovery.
TA "Perspectiva" specialists are familiar with work details of the official institutions, the order of documents discovery and rules of filling applications for documents discovery, so you will receive original or duplicate documents as soon as possible.   We can make the discovery of documents in Romania and Moldova upon your request.   


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Discovery of Documents