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Уважаемые клиенты, просим обратить ваше внимание на то, что в феврале-марте офис компании по техническим причинам работать не будет. Разместить свои заказы вы всегда можете по телефону, электронной почте и Viber. О встрече, для подачи документов на апостиль, легализацию или для нотариального заверения, мы всегда можем договориться предварительно. Все наши контакты актуальны как и обязательства перед вами. Приносим свои извинения за временные неудобства. Благодарим за понимание.
Мы всегда будем рады вам помочь! С уважением, БП ТаТЦентр.


Translation agency "Perspectiva" offers many interesting excursions. We are constantly expanding our range of offerings and, of course, always able to please customers with new excursion themes.  
Experts of translation agency "Perspectiva" are highly-qualified guides and interpreters, virtuoso masters of their craft. Our friendly and charming staff will be able to create an atmosphere of comfort and make sure that you feel maximal comfortable.  
Our guides-interpreters not only speak foreign language fluently but are also gifted speakers, have a sense of humor and impeccable sense of tact.  
Excursion programs created by employees of translation agency "Perspectiva" are based not on the standard known to everybody stamps but designed individually, with taking into account the interesting, extraordinary historical facts.   

Excursion cost:

Final price of the excursion (from 500 UAH per hour) depends on the number of listeners in a group and is discussed with the administrator of the translation agency. At the request of the customer we provide comfortable cars and buses with air conditioning, cozy seats and polite drivers.  


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