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Interpreting of online-, Skype-conferences, webinars

Communicate with the world, without getting up from the chair!      

More and more often in everyday life we ​​come across with the term "webinar service ". With the development of Web-technologies and the desire of people to communicate with each other via the Internet, online services are becoming increasingly popular, which are used both for personal and business purposes. Functionality of such services as webinars and web-conferencing allows to hold meetings and presentations in the Internet, communicate effectively with remote branches, foreign partners or clients, undergo training, and much more.
Our translation agency "Perspectiva" offers services of consecutive and simultaneous interpreting of webinars, web- and Skype-conferences.
Online translation is interpreting of an event organized in the network for the purpose of teaching, broadcasting, business meetings and presentations. Convenience of online-services data is that you can participate in this event without leaving your workplace, city or country.
Online translation can be either simultaneous or consecutive, depending on the time that the customer selects for the event, the number of foreign participants and the number of languages ​​to be translated; at the same time the translator can be in any place of the world.  

Benefits of Online Translation:

  • Availability - no need to go somewhere to talk with a customer or a partner;
  • Saving - no need to spend time and money on business trips, to buy or rent special equipment for simultaneous translation;
  • Convenience - the ability to speak native language. 

The main applicable fields for today are business, education, medicine and industry. 


This kind of online translation is convenient for: 

  • presentations with potential foreign customers and partners;
  • meetings;
  • business negotiations. 


You can also use online translation during the following events: 

  • online seminars;
  • trainings;
  • courses. 

Interpretation service via Internet is a smart and prudent choice for those who esteem their time and efforts, as well as aim to the development and success.

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Interpreting of online-, Skype-conferences, webinars