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Oral interpreting

Translation Agency "Perspective" provides services for oral consecutive and simultaneous interpreting in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine, as well as abroad

If you need interpretation services to meet foreign partners, for negotiations and escorting a foreign delegation, concluding a deal, consulting, translating speeches at a forum, conference or other events, the translation agency «Perspective» will provide you with a qualified interpreter who will secure comfortable communication.

Translation Agency "Perspective" provides qualified services of oral consecutive and simultaneous interpreting

  • specially for your event we select a highly qualified interpreter who speaks both languages fluently, has good memory and high concentration of attention. The specialists of the translation agency "Perspective" have clear diction and literate speech, accurately and fully transmit information to the listeners;
  • while translating, the interpreters of the translation agency «Perspective» comply with the business ethics and neutrality principles, assure comfort and mutual understanding between the participants of the dialogue;
  • adequate interpretation during the events on specific topics;
  • translation agency «Perspective» selects experienced translators and interpreters in the sphere you need, cooperates with translators with extensive experience and internships abroad, therefore we guarantee high-quality and quick oral interpretation;
  • if necessary, the translation agency "Perspective" will provide you with a native speaker for translation at your event.

Oral consecutive interpreting

  • consecutive interpreting means that the speaker pauses while reporting; during this pause the linguist is interpreting. This type of interpretation is most often ordered, since it does not require any special equipment;
  • oral consecutive translation of events takes more time, that is important to take into consideration when drawing up a meeting schedule.

Simultaneous interpreting

  • During the simultaneous interpretation, the speaker does not make any special pauses. The interpreter translates the speech of the orator simultaneously with a slight delay;
  • Simultaneous interpretation requires special equipment – a system for making and transmitting speech and an isolated cab for linguists. Due to the high pressure, synchronists work in pairs, no more than 20 minutes in a row each of them;
  • Simultaneous interpretation is necessary for the linguistic accompaniment of large-scale events with a large number of listeners;
  • Rates for simultaneous interpretation are higher than for consecutive interpreting due to higher requirements for the qualification of translators and the necessity of special equipment.


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Oral interpreting