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Translation and localization of web-sites

Translation and localization of web-sites

If you work with foreign clients, translation of the site is not only a sign of respect to your client or a good tone to your partners, but also an economically stipulated decision.
Just think about it:
  • More than fifty, and in some countries more than 60% of people purchase goods and services on Internet sites exclusively, and only the sites are in their native language;
  • Localized web-site is an indicator of company’s image, a marker of the international profile of its activity.
  • Localized version of the site allows taking into consideration cultural peculiarities and traditions of other countries, what determines confidence of local audience and giving preference to cooperation with your company. 
In the end localization of web-site means increase of your business’ efficiency.

Translation of sites

The companys site represents its professional activity, thats why the articles on commercial site contain specific lexis, special terminology, professional slang. It means that for translation of the site not only excellent foreign language skills are needed, but it also requires competence in the commander’s professional sphere, profound understanding of the sense, and ability to translate this sense in other language.
Another essential point is that a site is not only a mean of communication of information. A site is an important element of your image. It’s the first and often the only source of information your potential client or partner contacts with. The impression being produced by the site is carried on the whole company and it’s sometimes impossible to change it. To illustrate, if the visitor changed his or her opinion to cooperate with the company after having read the articles on its site.
That is the reason why the text of the foreign version of site should not only do justice to sense of the original, but should also correspond to mentality of reading audience and take into account the given country’s culture. Adapted texts of high quality demonstrate, that a company has serious and respectful attitude to its potential clients, what by-turn enhances trust to the company itself, its products and services.  

Localization of site

Translation of texts of the site is not sufficient for creation of localized version of the company’s website.  As usual, one should translate and replace the following items:
  • Texts in templates, those in the files with scripts (PHP, ASP, JavaScript etc.).
  • Elements, non-reflected on the site, but essential for the search promotion.
  • Signatures on images and in Flash-animation.
If the articles on the site are СЕО-optimized, in the translated version, to whatever extent ample meaning it conveys, the inner factors of the optimization will be irrevocably lost. That is why correct localization signifies construction of semantic unit in the target language of translation, and not an actual translation, but writing of the translated article on the basis of original one, taking into consideration its semantic unit.
In this way, localization of the site is a complex service, which presupposes not only engagement of translators, but also that of designers, web-programmers, CEO-specialists.
The specialists of translation agency «Perspective» fully correspond to that complex of requirements, set up by translation and its localization. Our translators have experience in different domains – technical, economical, juridical and others. They are enthusiastic people, interested in culture of the countries, which languages they translate. The final refinement and proofreading of the text are done by native speakers.
Our technical specialists work with different programming language and CMS, that is why you can merely provide your data for access to our site and obtain the complete version of the site in foreign language. 
Translation and localization of web-sites