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Translation of economic texts

Economic translation:

Economic translation includes a variety of documents, tables, balance sheets, charts, records, presentations, reports and more. Economic textbooks, scientific literature about the economy and other literature of such a kind also belong to this type of texts.  
The main feature of this translation is the lack of context. And achieving of this translation is possible only by possessing specific knowledge of particular economic sector. With this knowledge base you can get a translation that adequately interprets formulated in the original content.  
It is necessary for companies to keep the accuracy of the economic and financial documents, as well as to work with foreign partners. Economic translation requires that all the details and style of the document were maximal preserved. In this case, only high-level professionals, who have an idea about all aspects of finance and economy sector, manage to preserve the accuracy. Such people work in our translation agency "Perspectiva". 

We offer:

  • Quick and efficient translation and interpretation to 60 languages​​;
  • Text editing services in any language;
  • Documents notarization with the necessary stamps and seals;
  • Urgent economic translations (within a day or even a few hours);
  • Trial translation of economic text (900 spaced characters );
  • Meeting of your foreign partners at the airport and their hotel accommodation, transfers;
  • Excursions with the translation.   
Our highly qualified specialists are paying great attention to ensuring an adequate quality of fulfilled orders for economic translation. Any customer, regardless of whether he lives in Kiev or other Ukrainian cities, has the ability to send a document for calculation on our e-mail. We guarantee the highest level of confidentiality, which does not depend on the number of employees working with your order.  


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Translation of economic texts