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Translation of legal documents with notarization

Dura lex, sed lex.
Law is harsh but it is the law. 


Legal translation means the translation of legal documents, which are exchanged between partners from different countries. It belongs to one of the most complicated specialized translations and it is necessary to be fulfilled by professionals, who are proficient in the language of law. That are experts of translation center "Perspectiva" in Kiev who will provide you with the translation of a legal document with concise, clear and formal presentation.

Our agency offers professional translation of the following documents:

  • all types of contracts;
  • constituent documents;
  • regulations and laws;
  • notarial certificates;
  • legal documents and memoranda;
  • personal data;
  • various types of agreements and economic translation.   


Work with such documents needs the mastership of all the basics of law, thorough knowledge of the language from which and to which the text is translated, as well as the linguistic practice with the legal issues. Our translators have all the necessary skills and qualities, they have a huge experience in translating complex specialized legal texts, superior speed, and aim to achieve good results of their work. 

Features of notarized translation:

In the translation of legal documents a correct translation of the whole text is necessarily needed because there are no insignificant words. All semantics, details and nuances must be thoroughly conveyed; otherwise, it is fraught with unintended consequences, conflicts and even the loss of property.  
A further aspect is creation of a legal document as much as possible adapted to the legal system of a particular country. In some cases, translator not always manages to translate some phrases and fragments of the text, for that reason picking up the semantic structure as close as possible to the original document is necessary.  

Professional linguists of translation center "Perspectiva" will render service
of notarized translation of the following documents:

  • business plans of variable complexity;
  • all necessary banking documents;
  • reports;
  • audit reports;
  • feasibility studies;
  • research in the field of marketing;
  • tender documents. 

Additional services:

Apart the quality and translation in the shortest period of time of all the above mentioned documents, our office provides service of documents notarization by seal and stamp of our center.  
Very useful additional service is a test translation of text. This service is available when ordering a large volume of the translation and comprises 900 spaced characters that allows to evaluate the work of our specialist.  
Our center works not only with residents of Kiev but from all Ukraine. Work is carried out via telephone and e-mail address to which you can send texts and documents for calculation.
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Translation of legal documents with notarization