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Translation of Standard Documents

Documents translation in Kiev

In most cases, translation agency receives orders for standard documents translation. As a rule, they are:

                    ● passport or another personal identification,
                    ● educational diploma,
                    ● school-leaving certificate,
                    ● marriage or divorce certificate,
                    ● birth, death or surname changing certificates,
                    ● police clearance certificates,
                    ● certificates of income from your workplace.

There can be a lot of different situations when you need a standard documents translation:
  • when getting a visa in consular institution for entering a foreign country,
  • when entering a foreign educational institution,
  • when formalizing a residence permit or gaining citizenship,
  • when marrying a foreigner,
  • when getting an employment abroad.
Qualitative and correct translation of official documents is a special work which requires particular skills and knowledge. When translating standard documents, filigree accurate transliteration and law terminology translation is necessary. TA "Perspectiva" has experienced translators from more than 60 languages who will translate you standard documents maximal correctly and quickly. 


Important note: when making an order, please, provide the translation agency with desirable transliteration details of your personal data (name, surname, patronymic), names of enterprises and other proper names. 

Standard documents divide into following categories:

  1. Personal identification documents: passport, driving license, pensioner's or student's card, residence permit, automobile technical dossier. Number of characters does not influence on the translation cost of such documents, it is standard.

    According to the Ukrainian Law, apostille is not affixed on original passports, military cards, labor books, gun licenses, car registration licenses (technical dossier), and personal identifications. But the notarized copies of these documents can be authenticated by apostille affixion.

  2. Documents from Civil Registry Office: birth, marriage, divorce, death or surname changing certificates.

    Translation of Civil Registry Office documents may seem to be a simple task. But translators know that these standard documents contain particular terms which can be translated only by skilled translator who has sufficient working experience with standard documents and law details.
    Notary, if applicable, authenticates not only correctness of such documents translation but the correctness of photocopy as well.

  3. Variable references from official institutions: housing maintenance office, place of job or studying, police clearance, notice of bank account, of income etc. Reference translation has a standard document tariff if the number of characters does not exceed 1000.
  4. Documents of formal education: diploma (not counting supplement), school-leaving certificate with supplement. Cost of supplement translation counts according to the number of characters in translated text. It is complicated enough to make an educational document translation by yourself, without help of qualified specialist. Only experienced translator who knows the specific of other country can correctly translate names of the subjects to foreign language.

    Supplements without diploma (or school-leaving certificate) are invalid. If you need a notarized supplement, you have to provide the diploma (or school-leaving certificate) as well. The same procedure is required when affixing an apostille.

  5. Other official documents: state licenses and certificates, enterprises and legal bodies registration certificates, property right documents, assignments of identification number etc.
Translation agency "Perspectiva" works with the majority of foreign languages. We will translate your documents to English, Polish, Ukrainian, Czech and 60 languages more. Your standard documents translation order will be performed by skilled linguist who is a real hand at such a work and will translate your documents quickly and efficiently.
If it is necessary, TA "Perspectiva" will authenticate standard documents translation with its personal stamp, notarize it, legalize or affix an apostille.


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Translation of Standard Documents