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Urgent translation of texts and documents

If you are having a flight in an hour, and you need to translate and notarize the documents, Translation agency "Perspectiva" launches a new service " Urgent translation 24/7 for an hour!" specially for vacation season (*this service concerns standard documents translation only).

Stop wasting your time on things we can do in an hour!

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Urgent translation (scope does not exceed 10 translation pages, 1 page is 1800 spaced characters) is made during several hours or one business day from the moment of advanced payment.

Translation considers to be urgent if there are
less than 24 hours between its ordering and fulfillment.

Urgent translation terms of volume texts is counted in such a way:
Usually, our translation agency translates 10 translation pages per business day.
In urgent regime the scope is twice bigger, that is 20 translation pages per business day.
In such a way, to count the term of fulfillment of volume translation, we have to divide the whole quantity into 20. Thus we get the number of business days for the fulfillment of correspondent urgent order.
Urgent translation costs twice more expensive than common one since more resources have to be put, the scope is bigger, and the time is limited. If you need to impress the agency stamp, cost of such a service does not double. For urgent notarization extra charge comprises 50 UAH.

To order this service call:

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Urgent translation of texts and documents