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2016-02-03 - 2016-03-31
Enrolment in group is announced. Advance enrolment is opened.
Enrolment in a group for those who want to study Bulgarian is opened in training center «Perspectiva».  This language is interesting because it contains a lot of obsolete words that are no longer used in other Slavic countries.

Also there is an interesting fact that many Bulgarian words may seem familiar to Russian but have completely different meanings. For example, Bulgarian word «майка» [mayka] (t-shirt) is translated into Russian as «мать» (mother­), or the word «живот» [zhivot] (stomach) is translated as «жизнь» [zhizn] (life).
A teacher-native speaker is required for you to understand all these nuances. Neither books nor audio do not guarantee qualified learning of Bulgarian and understanding all aspects and nuances. And the harder it will be to correct learned mistaken knowledge.
On the contrary the teacher will correct immediately all the Inaccuracies, direct the process of learning in a right direction taking into consideration understanding of the covered material.
It will minimize the time of your education. An affective program will let you speak Bulgarian right on the first lesson. Also it will help you to avoid possible difficulties in business or on a holiday in Bulgaria.
Training conditions:
The duration of the course - 5 months.
You will get a certificate upon completing the course.
One-to-one lessons:
Individual classes may be held at any convenient for you time. A teacher can come to you or carry out lessons at our training center which is situated near Zoloti Vorota metro station.
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