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2016-08-19 - 2017-01-19
French is one of the most studied languages in the world. The reason for this is not only popularity and romantic spirit of the country, but also the fact that French is among six official working languages of United Nations Organization. New visitors who are willing to become proficient in such unusual and world-wide popular French dialect are welcome in the French studying center.

French is spoken in Belgium. It is the part of its French-speaking population. Also it is spoken In Switzerland (Romandie), Canadian diaspora (particularly in Quebec), in African countries and Caribbean countries.
French! Can you hear how tuneful this word is? What do you feel when you pronounce the word «France»? You close your eyes and travel to the country of fragrant pastry, listen to the sounds of French melody, slowly drink a cup of coffee in one of cozy cafes in Paris with a view of the Eiffel Tower. How do you like it if a friendly waiter speaks to you and you are able to reply him pure French?
Peculiarities of studying French
Our qualified teachers will teach you how to speak correctly and freely, while the atmosphere will help you to feel like home and plunge into study. French lessons are held in a group or on a custom basis, while communication with native speakers will give you not only a sense of confidence but also a clear understanding of local inhabitants. It will help you to understand dialect and get closer to the French.
In French language school we will help you to understand written grammar and oral phonetics which include 15 vowels, 17 consonants and 3 semi-vowel sounds. If to compare it with Russian in which vowels dominate, despite this fact, French sounds more distinctly and firmly. There is no softening and muting, pronunciation is specific.
We are looking forward to see you on our courses. A full course of study lasts for five months. The duration of individual lessons is discussed with a teacher on the spot in view of an appropriate time for teacher.
Training conditions:
-         Classes are held two times a week in the morning and the evening.
-         The term lasts 5 months.
-         Lessons are conducted by native speakers.
-         You will receive a certificate after completing this course.
We also have a great offer: 60 minutes classes, 3 times a week – during lunch break.
One-to-one lessons

If you have decided to learn French individually, we can offer you help of our experienced teachers. You can work with a teacher and a native speaker. Individual classer may be held at any convenient for time in the training center “Perspectiva” situated in the heart of the city. If you wish , a teacher can come to you.

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