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Literary and Colloquial Translation

Literary and colloquial translation in TA "Perspectiva"

Literary translation involves a rich variety of texts.  It can be as simple letters, advertisements, popular articles, as whole literature works. It would seem that this type of translation is much simpler than legal or economic one because there is no particular specificity and a huge number of terms. But do not underestimate the efforts of colloquial translators, because they can rightly be called the second authors of the work.
Translation of a literary text requires a creative approach, original thinking and fulfillment of numerous tasks. Translator has not only to translate words but to know how those or other expressive means work in different languages, as well as with the help of linguistic techniques to convey the meaning and mood of the opus. The hardest part is the professional approach to converting images at the level of well-chosen equivalents, grammatical analogies, and other equally important language tools. That is a mastership the specialists of our translation agency "Perspectiva" in Kiev have.
Many skilled translators in process of work with literary text use not only the source of literature and expressive means of language but also resort to the biography and psychology in order to feel the mood of the author, and to determine for what purpose he chose one or the other technique.
Translation of literary texts in our office is carried out in English, Russian, and other languages ​​in accordance with all well-known features of this translation, namely:
  1. Virtually absent word-for-word translation. This means that all our specialists not only formally translate the text, but put in it a piece of their soul, creativity and penetrate into the very essence of the text.
  2. Translation of stable expressions. For example, English and Russian aphorisms, proverbs and sayings are translated in different ways, so our professionals translate and use the proper equivalent within the desirable meaning of the text.
  3. Pointful humor and wordplay. It is a very important aspect when translating ironic and humorous texts.
  4. Adhering to the era, style and culture. Without a basic knowledge of the era and culture translation will not be meaningful. But in our agency we have all the necessary literature for our translators to study. And you can completely rely on their professionalism.

Every resident of Kiev and whole Ukraine can use the services of our office. We perform literary translation into English and other languages ​​quickly and efficiently; there are also services of urgent translation, courier delivery of text, and preview of our work results.  

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Literary and Colloquial Translation