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Notarial Certification

Notarial certification is one of the most requested services of translation agencies. Notarial certification means authencity of translator's signature attestation together with accurancy of document's copy attestation. Thus a translated document acquires legal force.   

Documents which are subjected to notarial certification:   

Only official documents translation can be certified. To certify it, you have to provide original of a document.   
Instructions, personal correspondence, medical documents, articles, information materials can not be certified by a notary. They can be certified only with translation agency stamp.   

What is needed for
notarial certification of translation?

  • original of a document which will be certified 
  • translation of a document
  •  a document must have a title 
  • organization which issued this document must be specified 
  • document must be dated, signed and must have seal of the organization which issued this document 
  • documents issued abroad must have apostille 
  • certified translator in the presence of which a document is certified

Time of performance   

Depending upon on the language from/on which a translation was made, notarial certification may take 1-2 working days.  

Cost of notarial certification:

Cost of notarial certification varies depending on terms: standard certification – 140 UAH, urgent certification – 280 UAH. 

Free online notary consultation 

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Free online notary consultation


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Notarial Certification